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AOK Exercise Physiology is owned and run by Aaron O'Keeffe, an allied health professional, who:

Specializes in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioral modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. 

Evaluates and advises people in the areas of cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, mobility and body composition.

Further specializes in working with persons with diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Exercise Physiologists are becoming increasingly important in the delivery of health care. AOK Exercise Physiology is recognized by:

Medicare Australia

Department of Veterans Affairs

NSW Work Cover

a large number of private health insurers. 


AOK Exercise Physiology can facilitate the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program under Medicare which allows individuals with chronic and complex illnesses to access a Medicare rebate for up to 5 individual sessions per calendar year. 


AOK Exercise Physiology aims to provide the patient with the most up to date training techniques, specifically designed to meet the individual’s needs and requirements. AOK Exercise Physiology provides close attention to personal detail providing RESULTS based training with a difference.




Our Services

More than 70% of adult Australian’s are not physically active enough to gain benefits for personal health and well being.

AOK  Exercise Physiology provides a wide variety of services. These include:


•Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

•Cardiac rehabilitation

•Aerobic conditioning

•Advanced resistance training

•Flexibility training


•Post surgery rehabilitation

•Postural conditioning

•Nutrition and weight management

•Personal training

•Work place injury rehabilitation

•Worksite assessment

•Gym programs

•Exercise rehabilitation

•Enhanced primary care (EPC) / Care Plan

•Sports conditioning