Aaron is everything you need in a personal trainer, a motivator, a wealth of knowledge on the human body, diet and exercise.

I have been trained by Aaron for over three years. No session has every been boring, tough yes, but not boring. No two sessions have been the same and the range of exercise we undertake has given me a total body fitness.

I have now completed two half marathons and in April 2014 will be running the London Marathon. Without Aarons help I would never have been able to achieve these goals.

Aarons happy disposition and active participation in the hard sessions makes training something that much better. He is prepared to work alongside you so you get the results. Ask a question at training and you will get a thoughtful and considered response often backed up later by emails. I cannot recommend Aaron highly enough.

Andrew Leuchars (47 years), Mosman.    


“my wife gifted me a 6 week personal training trial with Aaron, that was over 2 years ago. Aaron knows just how far to push me in our training sessions. His exercise physiology and personal training knowledge is excellent and he is always very professional …I would recommend him to anybody looking for a great workout !!!”

Dr. Gary Jankelowitz
Medical Director


Having both diabetes and arthritis I need exercise to keep my sugar levels down and keep my joints free and moving.
I have found Aaron to be a great support with our weekly exercise class. Aaron keeps up

 with the best exercises to get the best result, keeping blood sugar levels down.  I would recommend Aok exercisephysiology to all individuals looking to improve their physical conditioning.

Brian Hogan



Despite both being over 50, during the time we have trained with Aaron, our bodies become well toned and defined, and our body mass has remained constant.We have been training with Aaron for over 8 years, and we still feel challenged!

Aaron is a reliable, punctual trainer. He is good-natured, with a great sense of humour. Training outdoors, Aarons plans our sessions so that they are diverse and we use a combination of park equipment, free weights and body weight, complemented with a rigorous cardio vascular routine.

Aaron displays an excellent balance between being empathetic but at the same time, pushing us to our limit. Over the previous 8 years we have set ourselves various goals (half marathons, 50km coastal walks, cycle races and off-road adventure challenges). Aaron has played a leading role in our training regimen, has given us nutritional advice and has also provided the appropriate motivational support. We both feel we have reached our optimum potential thanks to Aaron.

Robyn & Shelley


I really enjoy my training sessions with Aaron. He uses a range of varied and interesting training techniques, no two sessions are the same! Training with Aaron has taken my fitness to the next level and I'm always looking forward to the next session.     

Karen Viel




The thing that stands out about Aaron (even after 6 years of training) is his consistent positivity and enthusiasm for supporting me in improving my fitness and health. He always manages to get the best out of me even when I don’t feel like exercising, and I always walk out feeling good about myself. Aaron is a true professional with a great sense of humour and just a lovely person!

 Aaron has supported me with a comprehensive program that looks at exercise, nutrition and motivation. He manages to push me harder than I would have thought I could go, yet I never feel pressured or that I have somehow failed to achieve. Aaron celebrates my wins and motivates me to get back on track when needed.

 I also feel completely safe with Aaron, given his knowledge of physiology and his willingness to work hand in hand with doctors and physios to develop programs appropriate to injuries that I may be carrying at the time. He is flexible in his approach and makes every session fun.

Jill Gallagher, Senior Manager – Maroubra, Sydney